Through the “RSVP” program, our council collects money for the support of the seminarians in our diocese. The nominal contribution for the year is $15.00. Some brothers and our ladies contribute $10, $25, $50, throughout the year or more as your dedication to seminarian support dictates. Any amount is always appreciated. Our council goal is $1000.00.

This program is open to all including memoriam for deceased loved ones. Cash or Check donations may be made at our council meetings. Please make your checks payable to: K of C #3580 and note FAYAK on the notation line so we can keep track of the funds.Please see Rich McKeon for more information.

2018-19 Participant Honor Roll

Howard Johnson, Don Chill, Rich McKeon, Csaba Major, Mark Hedrich, Austin Murphy, Mike Fowler, Manny Diaz, Ron Galvagni, Frank Palms, and money collected at various events.

Total Collections to Date $505.00

Thank you for your continued support!